Stereogum’s Top 25 Music Videos Of 2012 So Far - Stereogum

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stereogum’s Top 25 Music Videos Of 2012 So Far - Stereogum:

"In the grand tradition of our month-plus-early list of the year’s best albums so far, here’s a look at the music videos that made us look twice this year. We get bombarded with these things every day, and so many of them seem to be made with minimal effort: Fuzzy stock footage, all-lens-flare romantic cinematography, bits of imagery that barely relate to each other, let alone the song. But if the selection of clips below teaches us anything, it’s that there are about a million different ways to make an effective video; all you really need is a strong idea and a sharp visual sensibility. Watch our picks below."

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