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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trinity Amps - Trinity Tramp: "The Tramp began as a low-powered, practice-bedroom amp concept that turned into a full blown practice-home-studio-gigging amp. Why would we bother? Well, there are lots of 2-tube amps out there, from the famous Fender Champ to the Epiphone Valve Jr, and many more. These amps have a sweet vibe but are challenged in what they can do; whether the amount of break-up they can provide in the case of some amps, or their tonal versatility in the case of others. The Tramp was designed to address this shortcoming and provide extreme versatility while still keeping to the format of a two-stage preamp and only two tubes. The Tramp also features a Master Volume control that doesn't make the tone suck as you turn it down, as well as a variable power level control, allowing you to have almost any tone right down to bedroom volume levels you can comfortably talk over.

The Tramp is a brand new design that incorporates extreme, useful flexibility with distinct amp voices and plenty of features. With a simple pull of a switch, you can go from Tweed to 'Tude; another pull switch and you can play Fat or Thin. Using the Volume, Master Volume and Power Level controls along with Bass and Treble, achieves tonal nirvana"

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