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Friday, March 19, 2010

Eddie Van Halen

Slap·Dash definition:
adj. Hasty and careless, as in execution: slapdash work.
adv. In a reckless haphazard manner.

A self-trained primarily rhythm guitarist, I definitely play guitar in a slapdash fashion.

This website will feature lyrics, tab and/or chords (at least, my slapdash version thereof), accompanied by videos of some of my favourite tunes.

I will also form time to time feature other various guitar related posts - photos, videos, gear info and the like.

It also features links and live updates to some of the great guitar and guitar gear resources across guitar cyberspace.

In this inaugural post, check out the vintage pic of my favourite guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, to the right as well asa killer solo (apologies for the prominence of Eddie's smoking in the video, but what can you do!).

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